Cancer: The best alternative therapies

If conventional treatments fail so badly, where do you turn? According to Lothar Hirneise of Menschen Geben Krebs and Frank Wiewel of People Against Cancer, cancer survivors:

* Find and change the psychological/emotional cause. Germanic New Medicine (Ryke-Geerd Hamer), and Synergetik (Bernd Joschko), nexus (Lothar Hirneise) and adrenaline (Waltraut Fryda) theories fight the cause of cancer, not the symptoms. All four work to eliminate stress and to resolve the trauma or unresolved conflicts leading to cancer.

* Change their diet. The most success has been achieved with:

The metabolic typing diet, developed by William Wollcott, who discovered that each of us is individual in the percentage of carbohydrate or protein we need in our diets

The Stockholm protocol, an anti-cancer regimen based on coenzyme Q10, very high levels of which (400-600 mg) can result in tumour regression (Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 1994; 199: 1504-8). The protocol includes a good multivitamin/mineral plus 1.2 g of gamma-linolenic acid, 3.5 g of omega-3, 58 mg (32,248 IU) of beta-carotene, 2.8 g of vitamin C, 2500 IU of vitamin E, 385 mcg of selenium and 390 mg of CoQ10 taken with a tablespoon of olive oil.

The Gerson diet and other raw-food therapies. These work largely by transmitting food – and the photons, or subatomic light molecules that comprise them – at their strongest.

Dr Johanna Budwig is a proponent of an oil-and-protein diet (including cottage cheese and flaxseed oil) that raises the voltage of cells, drastically too low in cancer patients.

* Detox their bodies. Most cancer patients have highly polluted bodies. A detox programme is central to the success of any therapeutic programme, and should include:

colonic detox using coffee enemas and colonic hydrotherapy

removal of amalgam fillings and root canals (see The WDDTY Dental Handbook for the correct protocol)

baths in baking soda, to remove excess acid from cells, too high in cancer patients

infrared sauna, in cases of high levels of chemical pollution.

* Kill cancer gently. The safer cancer-killers include:

PAPIMI, invented by Professor Panos Pappas in Athens, using electromagnetic rays to increase the voltage in cells of the body

Electro-Galvano, using low-voltage electricity to kill tumour cells (but not healthy cells)

High-dose hormone-blockers, such as busarelin, at 20-40 times the usual dosage for up to 12 weeks

Heat therapy (hyperthermia), using highly focused radiowaves to raise the temperature of the tumour to about 44 degrees C (only kills cancer cells)

Cancer vaccines

Specialised immune cells that are programmed to attack only cancer cells

Fever therapy, using bacterial toxins to induce a fever, which kills cancer cells.

For more information, contact: People Against Cancer [tel: +(515) 972 4444; fax: +(515) 972 4415; e-mail:; website:]; Menschen Geben Krebs (Germany) [tel: +49 (715) 191 0217; fax: +49 (715) 191 0218; e-mail:; website:].

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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