Avoid wheat in bran, breakfast cereals, crackers and biscuits, cakes and pastry. Instead, try rye bread and crackers, rice cakes, oat biscuits, non wheat muesli and oatmeal porridge. Pasta is not usually a problem except in cases of severe intolerance.

Try to avoid yeast, yeasty foods, sugar, beef and pork products, corn, coffee and orange juice.Learn to live without cow’s milk. Soya milk (a processed food) is not a sensible option given its large and difficult to digest molecules and poorly absorbed nutrients. Drink lots of other fluid.

Learn to relax. Take up yoga, transcendental meditation or autogenic training. Breathe more deeply. Go for long brisk walks.

If you have an itchy nose or anal irritation, suspect parasites and deal with them accordingly. Giardia infestation usually responds to the antibiotic metronidazole (Flagyl), but do make sure that probiotics are used to restore the friendly gut flora after treatment. You can also be treated with Biocidin capsules or Paracidin liquid (antiparasitic supplements based on grapefruit seed extract) with food together with odorous (not odourless) garlic and Artemesia complex. Many homoeopaths report success in treating threadworm, roundworm and pinworms with homoeopathic Cina 6C or Teucrium 6C (2 four times daily away from mealtimes).

Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifido bacterium probiotics are extremely helpful in regulating peristalsis and reducing flatulence. Unfortunately, however, independent tests demonstrate that few such products are really effective. A recent report by Professor Howard Slater of the University of Cardiff highlighted Biodophilus from BioCare, Acidophilus Bifidus from Blackmores and Superdophilus from Natren as the most active.

Feed an overactive nervous system with B complex (50mg daily), magnesium phosphoserine and either evening primrose oil or GLA complex.

See a naturopath or doctor who is familiar with nutritional treatment. Ask to be tested for allergies and treated for any underlying digestive disorders.

The same meal only adds to the already long list of IBS triggers.

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