MONTIGNAC EXPLAINED: The low-carb slimming sensation explained

Regular E-news readers will know that we are enthusiastic supporters of the Montignac method of weight loss.

Internationally acclaimed nutrition specialist Michel Montignac has discovered it is not the fat and the calories in the food you eat that make you fat, but a specific group of ‘bad’ carbohydrates. Now, thanks to his amazing discoveries you can eat as much of the right foods as you want while you get slimmer.

In fact, you could lose up to 19 lbs in just 2 weeks. And you’ll still be able to eat chocolate and drink up to half a litre of wine every day.

No wonder that the Montignac method has been hailed as the perfect diet for people who love their food.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a thorough and clear explanation of his method until now. But a book has just recently been published that just does that – and we are able to offer it to WDDTY E-News readers.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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