Readers’ corner: Can any readers help these readers?

* I have an irritable bowel, and I’ve tried all kinds of pills and diets without success. But today, for the second time, I’ve dragged myself into my weekly Pilates session after a bad night due to IBS and, lo and behold, the exercises have relaxed me sufficiently to ease the problem. I told the teachers what was wrong and they suggested which exercises to try first, avoiding those that pulled on my abdominal muscles for the first 15 minutes or so, then I was just on to the usual routine. Has anyone else had a similar experience? – F.H., via e-mail

* A friend of mine was diagnosed to take the birth-control pill a year ago after she was told her hormones were out of balance. She has not had a period for seven months. Now she wants to stop the Pill and find another hormone solution. Can anyone help? – J.M. via e-mail

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