Reader’s Corner:General points:

Buteyko is good for asthma sufferers, says one reader.

For the woman with endometriosis adhesions, try Thiosinaminum 6 or 12c.

A spiritual healer points out that diseases become epidemics the more we concentrate on them. Cancer has become a major problem since we started looking for it, he says. We are co-creators with universal power, and you are what you eat and think.

We’re taken to task by a herbalist and a homeopath this week for suggesting ‘one size fits all’ remedies for people. Everyone is unique, and needs to see a homeopath or herbalist, they suggest. And having got our nosodes mixed with our remedies last time, this week we stand corrected after confusing herbal remedies as being homeopathic, specifically milk thistle. Apologies.

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