Reader’s Corner:Heavy menstrual bleeding:

This topic, sparked by a study into its treatment with a hysterectomy, also generated a fair mailbag. One woman was in great pain, and her doctor recommended a hysterectomy. Instead, she went to see her homoeopath, and now, some six years later, symptoms have reduced, and she’s still got her womb.

Another woman responds to the suggestion of a reader last week who treated her bleeding with iron supplements. Perhaps she was just anaemic because women with heavy bleeding often have other disorders. Seek out a nutritionist, she suggests.

Another reader agrees. I wish it were that simple, she says. ‘You are guilty of doing exactly what doctors do all the time – underestimating your customers. Do you really think that a professional woman would be so STUPID she wouldn’t have tried various vitamin supplements. You really don’t like anyone disagreeing with you, do you?’ she writes. Not that it was our suggestion in the first place, but if it makes you feel better. . .(Hmmm, Poem of the Week last time, Rant of the Week this).

It’s not iron you need, it’s China Rubra, a homeopathic nosode, says one reader. She was treated with this in France, and she reports that it works brilliantly.

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