READERS’ CORNER:Post-menopausal dryness

Lots of advice for the woman who wants a good lubricant. The one she is considering contains quite a few parabens. Try the contents of vitamin E capsules, says one reader, or insert a capsule into the vagina every night for six weeks. Another suggests Jason’s Woman Wise Intimate Lubricant & Personal Moisturizer, which contains just one paraben. Several readers suggest a product called Sylk, apparently available on the web. One reader has had some success with Phyto Soya Gel. Try Omega 7, available from the NutriCentre, says another, or comfrey cream. Human spit is just as good, and it’s better than any product our reader has tried. If not, there’s V Gel from Higher Nature, or Ovestin cream, used twice a week at bedtime. Or how about Suaveder from Dr Reckeweg?

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