Shedding light on biophotons

Your article on human energy fields (WDDTY, vol 12 no 7) has shed light (if I can put it like that) on a number of things.

In 1988, I gave an address at the Society of Homeopaths’ annual conference on Fritz-Albert Popp’s work on biophoton emission to demonstrate the efficacy of homoeopathy. This work went a long way towards explaining the Vital Force or Dynamis. As director of studies at The College of Homeopathy, and in my lectures on Vital Force, I start with Popp’s work.

However, I never really understood the background to his methods, so your article has filled in a number of gaps. I am now looking forward to reading your book.

You are probably aware that the mistletoe preparation Popp investigated was Iscador, long used as an injectible anticancer remedy by anthroposophical doctors.

Re energy fields, are you familiar with the recent work on coherent water and Ie crystals by Dr Shui-Yin Lo of the American Technologies Group, published in Modern Physics Letters B 1996; 10: 909? Basically, this shows that when a substance is dissolved in water, and subjected to repeated dilutions and shakings (as in homoeopathy), clusters of ice crystals form in the water. The crystals are the result of EM fields (I = ice, e = electromagnetic).

This also explains the ‘memory of water’ phenomenon, investigated and published by Jacques Benveniste in Nature with such personally disastrous results. The proceedings of the first international symposium on the subject have been published (ISBN 981-02-3515-1 [pbk]). There is also a good explanation from the homoeopath’s point of view in Bill Gray’s book Homeopathy: Science or Myth?- Alan Cook, via e-mail

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