Try selenium as HRT replacement

I run a natural hormone replacement clinic, and I have found that the majority of women who seek my advice for ‘menopausal symptoms’ do not have hormonal problems and therefore do not need HRT.

Other illnesses are the cause of their distress – for example, a parasitic infestation, especially with the alcohol-secreting variety. Such women have not only a variety of abdominal symptoms, but also the side-effects more typical of an alcohol abuser.

On top of this, these women usually fail to absorb some of the nutrients in food or supplements. Selenium deficiency is very common and can cause a variety of ‘hormone’ symptoms due to its effect upon the pituitary gland.

As many other symptoms of selenium deficiency are the same as those attributed to the menopause, many women probably have an inappropriate prescription for HRT. Yet, despite the recent Royal College of Physicians’ warning of malnutrition, NHS laboratories do not make estimations of mineral content in the body.

Very low levels of selenium are commonly associated with other diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Now, supposing that a woman is given HRT unnecessarily and that, due to selenium deficiency and accidental alcohol abuse, she is already developing heart disease or cancer. We can postulate that the addition of one or two synthetic drugs could very well hasten death.

Not unnaturally, we also see many people with osteoporosis. Strangely enough, here we rarely see a deficiency of oestrogen or calcium, not even as a cause of osteoporosis. Although the ingredients and lifestyle needed for bone formation are known, doctors rarely routinely assess anything treatable and reversible.

Yet another effect of low selenium is sudden infant (cot) death. Does anyone know of either the mother or the dead infant ever being checked for selenium? I would also like to contact the solicitor of the Salisbury woman who is appealing against the conviction of killing her children. Can anyone help me obtain his name and address? – Dr John Millward, Bournemouth

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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