Two support groups have been set up by women who claim to have been dreadfully damaged by medical procedures.

Rage Radiotherapy Action Group Exposure represents women who claim they were not properly warned of the potential side effects of radiotherapy treatment for cancer. Hysterectomy Legal Fighting Fund is for those who claim their wombs or ovaries were taken out by surgeons without their consent.

The Hysterectomy Legal Fighting Fund was set up by Caroline Richmond, herself a victim. Ms Richmond has been mostly associated with the Campaign Against Health Fraud, which mainly aimed its criticism against nutritional and alternative therapies.

Rage claims that women who were treated for breast cancer have been left with swollen arms, burns to the skin and lungs and severe shoulder and neck pain. Many have lost full use of their arms and some have needed amputation, it says. Rage claims four women may have died because of the treatment.

Both groups are taking legal advice and plan to sue the doctors concerned.

Rage can be contacted via Sarah Brennan on 071 837 2808; Hysterectomy Legal Fighting Fund is on 081 788 3930.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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