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Healthy Computing: The Wave

Sometimes when working we feel tired, sleepy, empty and in need of energy. At the same time our neck and shoulders tighten and we tend to breathe shallowly. Yet, the more tired we are, the more likely we just keep sitting at times just staring in space or we pump ourselves up with coffee and sugar. To recharge and activate, take a few moments away from your work and do The Wave.

How to Do the Wave:

Sit forward on your chair with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your hands toward the ceiling and as you exhale slowly lower your arms to the right while doing a gentle side-bend. As you inhale return to an upright position with your hands reaching to the ceiling. Then, slowly exhale and wave your arms to the left, gently bending at your waist. Repeat the wave five times; remember to exhale as you bend and wavelike a tree in a gentle wind and inhale as you come up straight. Do not bend too far, be gentle with yourself.

Optional: Repeat the practice except inhale as you bend and wave and exhale as you straighten up.

Repeat this or other movement practices many times throughout the day.

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Written by Erik Peper PhD

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