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365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Dreams (Prescription #243)

EVERYONE MUST HAVE A DREAM. Dreams are the universal language and the only way the future can express itself and be known to us. To not dream is to die. When you stop dreaming and being aware of your dreams, you are closing the door to the truth and to your potential life.

A wish and a dream are separate concepts. A wish is a conscious desire that may or may not come true, that is, unless you have a genie working for you who can guarantee you three wishes. A dream is a vision of what can be. If you focus on the vision you make changes in your life, both conscious and unconscious, that make the dream a reality.

The day you stop dreaming your life loses meaning. The dreamer lives an ageless life, always growing and changing to create the dreams she has dreamt. Even if your dream is never fulfilled, you will not regret having it. As Don Quixote said, “To dream the impossible dream” is the finest thing one can do.

Excerpted with permission from 365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Words for Healing Body, Mind & Spirit © 2010 Dr. Bernie Siegel. Printed with permission of New World Library, Novato, CA. http://www.newworldlibrary.com <http://www.newworldlibrary.com/&gt; or 800-972-6657 ext. 52.

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Written by Bernie Siegel MD

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