A common Australian tree-also called by the less poetic name “black wattle”-mimosa is grown in Africa, Europe and warmer sections of the United States. It is used mostly in perfume.

Family: Mimosaceae

Extraction: Absolute, concrete. The scent resembles straw or beeswax, with slightly bitter undertones.

Emotional Attribute: Mimosa’s scent is relaxing and helps overcome anxiety, oversensitivity, stress, and nervous tension.

Associated Oil:

Cassie (A. farnesiana) –This leguminous American plant is grown primarily in North Africa, and to a lesser degree in France. Also called “sweet acacia,” it is similar to mimosa. Used in Oriental-style perfumes, it also treats depression, nervous exhaustion, stress and frigidity. Don’t confuse cassie with the cassia related to cinnamon.

Kathi Keville Written by Kathi Keville

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