Choosing your Path: Where Can I Study?

You will find Qigong (Ch’i Kung) and Taiji (T’ai Chi)
appearing every where in the near future. Places where you
might look or inquire include: YMCA s, university recreation
programs, community recreation programs, adult education
programs, hospitals, complementary medicine clinics, health
maintenance programs (HMO), retreat centers, personal growth
and health conferences and martial arts schools.

You will find, frequently, that Taiji may be adapted
so that it is easier to learn and practice. In such cases it
will be more like a simple Qigong method. This is good for
people who are unwell and who are limited in time. So, it is
wise to ask what form of Taiji or Qigong is being

As Taiji and Qigong become more popular you will find
people practicing in the park. In some cases such
individuals will wish to have time alone in nature. Just as
often, however, such individuals are happy to have some one
follow along. In China huge groups practice together. Often
there is a specific teacher, often their is not teacher and
the group just begins and ends together. Always people hang
around after the practice to talk about their practice or
just socialize in general.

Some people go from group to group and run through 5
or 6 forms of Taiji or Qigong before they head off toward
home or work.

You may have to try a number of learning opportunities
before you hit the form or teacher that really meets your
personal preferences. It would be foolish to limit yourself
to eating from the first dish you taste at a banquet. Better
to have a taste of several before you return for more of one
that is special. At the beginning expose yourself to a
number of methods and teachers. Later you may want to focus
on a single discipline for an extended time.

If possible find a place to learn that is convenient.
If it is to far to go for study it will become difficult to
continue. An alternative is to find a form that is simple
and can be tailored to your needs, interests and
limitations. This way you can practice easily on your own
without having to travel to class as often.

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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