Choosing your Path: Do I Need a Teacher?

The first answer to this question is that one must
have a teacher. In traditional terms, that is ancient
Chinese tradition, the secrets of healing could only be
gained through a teacher. The honor and reverence that is
bestowed upon the teacher is a part of the “belief” system
that empowers the student.

It is very difficult to learn from a book, an audio
tape or a video. The exposure to constant input from a
teacher is indispensable. In traditional terms it is
believed that one should choose a teacher and stay with
their lineage of teaching to gain access to deeper

Most of the greatest teachers will tell you that “the
practice is the teacher” and that “the Qi (Ch’i, human life
force and self healing energy) is the teacher”. If the
practice and the Qi are considered to be teachers then it is
logical to conclude that one could refine the practice of
Qigong (Chi Kung) without a teacher. There are many stories
of individuals who have generated remarkable self initiated
healing without a teacher.

The second answer to this question is that it is not
always necessary to have a teacher. Particularly in cases of
severe illness where the individual can begin to practice a
simple form of self healing Qigong, it would be unfortunate
to insist that the individual have a teacher.

Perhaps it would be fair to say that it is useful, in
most cases, to begin with a teacher. However, some of your
greatest learning experiences will come from within your own
personal practice. If you are in a situation where you
cannot access a teacher, please feel free to learn and
practice Qigong through your own enthusiasm. One blind man
learned Qigong from one of the sets of exercises in the
practice library just by listening to a voice translation of
a text file and following along.

The more complex Taiji (Tai Chi) forms and Qigong
forms would be impossible to learn without a teacher.

A teacher is, in some cases, simply someone who knows
more than the student. One sincere and talented individual
who learned some Qigong in Washington DC moved to New York
City and began to teach Qigong to persons with HIV and AIDS.
No, she was not what most would call a seasoned Qigong
expert. Yes, however, she was a powerful teacher who helped
many people to help themselves.

Thousands of people have used a video called
“Awakening and Mastering the Medicine Within You”. It is
used by people with cancer, AIDS/HIV, Chronic Fatigue and
other serious illnesses as well as people who are
maintaining wellness. “Qigong for Health” is another video
that many people have used, it was produced by the Immune
Enhancement Project of San Francisco with a teacher who
teaches classes to the AIDS/HIV community. Both of these
videos are designed to be used in the absence of a

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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