Choosing Your Path

Self healing, self care, self initiated healing,
energy balancing, performance enhancement and even reaching
toward spiritual peace all are benefits that may be gained
from the practice of all forms of Qigong including

The variety of possibilities for what to study and
from whom to learn are endless. China and the other Asian
countries are immense and ancient. Estimates for the number
of varieties of self improvement methods, which includes all
forms of Qigong and Taiji, is between 3,000 and 5,000.

Clearly, after thousands of years of development and
use each of the different approaches is valuable and

You may be asking: How then shall I decide which type
of practice to pursue? Would the practice be different if my
goal is healing rather than performance enhancement? Is the
simple path as useful as the esoteric path? Can I learn from
video tapes, audio tapes or books ? Is it necessary to have
a teacher? Is it better to practice with a group? I’ve heard
of Qigong Masters, shall I seek a master? How much is it
necessary to practice?

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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