Food Allergies: Case History

Betty told me she was tired of scratching her face and neck. For the last ten years she had gone from dermatologist
to allergist to dermatologist looking for relief from this constant intolerable itching, She had to wear gloves at night to
keep from scratching herself raw and bloody in her sleep. All soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and even perfumes caused
terrible itching. She even reacted to other peoples colognes at movie theaters and concerts, and as the director and
producer of a theater troupe, she was suffering more and more at productions and parties. The allergist told her she was
pan-reactive to practically every intradermal test and that there was no way to desensitize her. Strangely she was told
that she was not allergic to foods. Her dermatologist gave here steroid shots which helped temporarily, but at age 61
the side effects of facial swelling, immune suppression and thinning of the bones was intolerable. She was at the end
of her rope. Did I know of any old time magic that could work a miracle?

When she told me of her dilemma, I let her know that not all allergies show up with skin testing and that delayed
food sensitivities rarely show up with skin testing. I reasoned that food allergens could be stressing her immune system,
causing her hypersensitivity to the chemicals, soaps, and cosmetics in her environment. By testing using the IgG-4 blood
test for delayed food allergies we could discover what food she was sensitive to, and by eliminating them from her
diet we could lower the overall load on her immune system and work to return her to a state of normal reactivity.

Betty tested positive to 8 different foods, including milk. She eliminated all 8 from her diet and five weeks later returned
with her skin completely clear. She’d had no itching for almost 3 weeks, the first drug free relief she’d had in ten years!
And most of her environmental and chemical sensitivities has magically gone away!

I’ve found food allergies to be a cause of ulcerative colitis, ulcers, asthma, arthritis, mood swings ,anxiety and depression,
hyperactivity, fatigue, chronic ear infections, sinus problems and sore throat, headaches, migraines, hives and rashes.
If you know of someone with any of these symptoms, consider having them call for more information and a
consultation. Remember, allergies are more than skin deep.

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Written by Noel Peterson ND

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