Red Clover

Trifolium pratense


Habitat: Widely distributed throughout Europe including Britain, naturalized in N. America and many other parts of the world.

Collection: The flowerheads are gathered between May and September.

Part Used: Flowerheads.


  • Isoflavones; biochanin A, daidzein, formononnetin, genistein, pratensein, trifoside
  • Other flavonoids including pectolinarin and trifoliin (=isoquercitrin)
  • Volatile oil, containing furfural
  • Clovamides; L-Dopa-caffeic acid conjugates
  • Coumarins; coumestrol, medicagol and coumarin
  • Miscellaneous; a galactomannan, resins, minerals vitamins, phytoalexins.

Actions: Alterative, expectorant, anti-spasmodic.

Indications: Red Clover is one of the most useful remedies for children with skin problems. It may be used with complete safety in any case of childhood eczema. It may also be of value in other chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis. Whilst being most useful with children it can also be of value for adults. The expectorant and anti-spasmodic action give this remedy a role in the treatment of coughs and bronchitis, but especially in whooping cough. As an alterative it is indicated in a wide range of problems when approached in a holistic sense. There is some evidence to suggest and anti-neoplastic action in animals.

Priest & Priest tell us that it is a “mild, stimulating and relaxing alterative with a special affinity for the throat and salivary glands. Especially indicated for debilitated children with chronic bronchial or throat conditions.” They give the following specific indications: Salivary gland congestion. Spasmodic or croupy coughs. Pertussis. Pharyngeal inflammation. Chronic skin eruptions.

Ellingwood recommends it for the following patholgies:irritable conditions of the larynx, whooping cough, the cough of measles.

Combinations: For skin problems it combines well with Yellow Dock and Nettles.

Preparations & Dosage: Infusion: pour a cup of boiling water ontol-3 teaspoonfuls of the dried herb and leave to infuse for l0-l5 minutes. Thisshould be drunk three times a day.

Tincture: take 2-6 ml of the tincture three times a day.

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Written by David L. Hoffmann BSc Hons MNIMH

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