EAT YOUR FISH: It’s especially good for you if you are a woman, and di

Diabetics are particularly prone to heart problems. But a new study has found that regularly eating fish can reduce that risk by up to 64 per cent, particularly if you’re a woman. (To be fair, the study involved only women, so there a good chance that the benefits would be seen in men, too, had they been part of the study).

The Nurses’ Health Study analysed data on 5103 women who had type 2 diabetes. The risk of developing heart disease was reduced by 30 per cent in those who had fish one to three times a month (compared with those who had fish less than once a week), by 40 per cent among those who had fish once a week, and by 64 per cent for women who had fish five or more times a week.

(Source: The Lancet, 2003; 361: 1193).

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