High blood pressure:

A naturopath from Australia writes in with detailed information on how to manage hypertension. In brief, drink plenty of water in order to increase the treatment’s success rate, and supplement with magnesium, calcium and Co-enzyme Q10, which helps to normalise blood pressure, and protects the heart and increases energy. Increase intake of fresh vegetables, fish and omega-fats (found in flaxseed oil and oily fish). Avoid red meat, saturated fats, highly processed sugars, cigarettes and excessive alcohol. Correct any digestive problems, eat slowly, and learn to chill out. Finally, many of you have tried out mukta vati, an Indian herbal remedy for hypertension that we mentioned a few e-mails back. One reader’s blood pressure has dropped significantly since she started taking it. In four days it fell from 190/95 to 129/80. That web address again: http://www.muktavati.com

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