LOVE YOUR TUMOUR: It’s what is keeping you alive

Everyone hates a cancer tumour, not surprisingly perhaps. It does, after all, herald a dread disease, and it’s the thing that oncologists concentrate on. The tumour is the cancer, or so conventional wisdom has it.

Unconventional wisdom says otherwise. Cancer specialist Lothar Hirneise believes that tumours are part of a wonderful method the body has evolved to ferment, or burn, an abundance of sugar. Without this safety valve, a ‘cancer victim’ – or someone with an excess of body sugar – would go blind and quickly die.

Cancer, according to Hirneise, is occurs when the body no longer produces adrenaline, which is needed to break down sugar. Usually long-term stress cuts off, or decreases, adrenaline production even though, paradoxically, it may increase it in the immediate term. In fact, Hirneise believes that cancer is impossible without stress.

Stress, as far as the body is concerned, can be caused by a poor diet or by something we would more normally recognize as stressful, such as a spiritual or psychological problem, perhaps caused by a bad relationship or by a sense of helplessness and not being in control.

Cancer patients and oncologists usually miss the big picture. They endeavour to treat the symptoms – the tumour – but not the cause, which is an excess of sugar. The key to cancer treatment is therefore to detoxify, and allow the body to rid itself of the sugar.

His cancer therapy is simple: detoxify, eat a healthy diet low in processed sugars, and be happy.

Hirneise, who runs People Against Cancer in Germany, was one of the keynote speakers at our Cancer Battleplan conference last weekend.

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