No bacterial resistance to my homoeopathy

Here are two homoeopathic remedies that I have formulated. Both have proved effective in treating my animals and humans.

The incidence of MRSA is well-publicised, and the threat of bacteria resistant to antibiotics is much discussed. My remedies for bacterial infections do not provoke resistance in the invasive organism.

1. For the prevention of diarrhoea: give together Sulphur 6c or 30c, China (Cinchona) 6c or 30c and Natrum muriaticum 6c or 30c, once a day for up to six days.

2. An antibacterial formulation for the treatment or prevention of all bacterial infections: give together every four minutes: Aconite 6x for three doses, repeat for three days; Iodum 6x for five doses, repeat for five days; Arsenicum album 6x for six doses, repeat for six days. If there is no response, a virus may be present. In that case, give the antibacterial formulation and, in addition, Sulphur 6c or 30c, every six hours for six doses.

If your readers have any queries, I should be glad to answer them. – Dr Helen Fullerton, Carmarthenshire

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