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After working at the computer, do your eyes feel tired and irritated?
Approximately 33 to 37 percent of people experience eye irritation such
as, itching, burning, dry eyes or difficulty focusing on the distant
objects after computer work. Look to your health and increase CLEAR


Blink frequently when looking (or is it staring?) at the monitor. This
helps because our blinking rate decreases approximately 70% when
concentrating versus when we are relaxed. Remember to blink at the end of
every paragraph or with every mouse click.

Adjust the top of the monitor screen so that it is equal to or lower than
your eyebrows. When looking straight ahead or upward at the
monitor, our eyes tear less and the corneal surface dries. When looking
slightly down, our eyelids will usually sweep down the whole eyeball when
blinking, which moistens the cornea instead of only the upper eyeball.

Look out a window (if possible) at a distant tree or lawn when taking a
break, when talking on the telephone or when thinking about a task.
Green is a soothing color for our eyes. If you don’t have access to a
decorate your work area with green plants that you can look at during
your vision breaks.

Adjust and correct other factors that influence vision such as glare,
reflections and wearing the correct prescription glasses.

Avatar Written by Erik Peper PhD

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