Choosing your Path: Should I Study in China?

Traveling to China to study Taiji (T’ai Chi) and other
forms of Qigong (Ch’i Kung) is a transformative experience.
Some who have done so will tell you about the bliss of
studying with authentic teachers in authentic surroundings.
Others, will tell you how hard it is to travel in China.
China is changing and travel there is improving all the
time. There are some excellent institutes for study in

If you study in China go with someone who has been
there several times before. You do not want to be on a trial
run in China. The only other positive situation is that you
personally have friends in China who will take care of

It is absolutely not necessary to go to China to learn
Taiji or Qigong. Excellent resources are available in most
countries in the world.

Study in China will, however, transform you belief
systems. In the Western world it is very much a question,
“What is this Qigong?” Westerners, generally, are very new
to this immense and fascinating subject. In China you are
exposed to a culture that has been seriously refining Qigong
for a long, long time, some experts argue up to 10,000
years. The Shanghai Cancer Recovery Society has over 5.000
members who have recovered from cancer. They
enthusiastically announce “Cancer Does Not Equal Death!”

Meeting people who were diagnosed with cancer 5, 10,
30 years ago builds powerful belief. Powerful belief
strengthens Qi (Chi). Strong Qi heals disease. The healing
power of meeting people who have healed themselves is
profound. In China there are millions of these stories, here
in the West such stories are less common. Experiencing
Qigong and Taiji in their natural habitat is a fantastic
experience. But it is not necessary.

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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