Choosing your Path: What is a Qigong or Taiji Master?

“Master” is the word that all cultures use to describe
someone who has attained high levels of skill. A Taiji (T’ai
Chi ) master is generally one who has exceptional skill in
doing the form or in using the Taiji principles in boxing
(kung fu, martial arts) and in life. A Qigong (Ch’i Kung)
master is generally someone who has exceptional skill in
teaching the arts of self healing and performance

A master may also have the skills of special insight,
spiritual transcendence or projecting healing energy to
others. Mastery is the presence within the individual of
qualities that are generally considered unattainable or

Rarely, if ever, will a true master call himself or
herself a master. So, one quick test for mastery is whether
the individual self describes their self using the word
master. True mastery is recognizable, there the true master
will be acknowledge as such without having to declare

Mastery is frequently associated with non touch
healing (Qi emission), psychic knowing or walking on sharp
swords. Mastery is as often expressed as warm, supportive,
loving energy as it is expressed as Qi “phenomena” like
moving objects without touching them, shrinking tumors or
conducting high voltage electricity.

    Two critical aspects regarding Taiji and Qigong

    • Their skill is the expression of either a
      profound gift or deep devotion to practice.

    • Their abilities can be radically distracting to
      your own empowerment. If the master heals you the
      message is that the healing came from outside
      yourself. This is an illusion.

The beauty of mastery is that it shows where we can
go, mastery inspires by demonstrating the possibilities.

The downside of the “master” allure is that it can put
those of lesser skill into a vulnerable position. Believing
that they have to get the benefits from a master they live
in the illusion that they can’t get the benefits themselves.
Because so many people have lost access to self reliance the
excitement of finding a master replaces the profound power
of personal practice.

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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