Nutritional Programs for Detoxification

So many problems in our Western society come from excessive use of foods and drugs. Abuses and addictions touch almost every person’s life. This chapter deals with may of the dietary and substance abuses and ways to heal them.

To begin with, we must ask ourselves–as I suggest to people in their initial medical visit to my clinic–is there anything that we do everyday that we would be aware of missing if we would not do it? If so, this activity is a habit or addiction. Of course, there are positive habits. Yet there are many others that may negatively interact with life and health, and can lead to a variety of problems–physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Common addictions in our culture include sugar, various drugs, both pharmaceutical and recreational, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Most adults have problems with one or more of these “drugs,” and may even be aware of their habit/addictions and would like to change them, but they don’t, can’t, or won’t for various reasons. In this day and age, we also must be aware of techno-traps, including TV, phone, computers, VCR, FAX, microwaves, and transportation.

I believe that fasting (and detoxification) is the missing link in the American (and Western) diet.

The seven programs contained in this chapter involve various aspects of these fasting and detoxification processes. I really believe that much disease, especially degenerative disease, comes from congestion and stagnation i nthe body (in the organs, tissues, circulation, lymph, and the cells), and that this congestion/stagnation disease can be cleared from our body. I have personally experienced it and seen it in hundreds of patients. This chapter’s title, Detoxification and Healing Programs, suggests that I believe these processes, detoxification and healing, can be synonymous in many instances; of course, this is when applied to the right medical circumstances. The other side of disease, in very simplistic terms conceptually, originates from depletion and deficiency, and for these, fasting or cleansing dietary processes are not the answer; in fact, they may make matters worse. These and many other general concepts of detoxification are discussed in the first program, General Detoxification and Cleansing.

In the subsequent programs, I will discuss the problems with drugs (over-the-counter, prescription, and recreational) and ways to go about changing our lives to enable us to free ourselves from the chackles of highs and lows, prosperity and poverty, and abuses and addiction. From there, I have written specific programs for dealing with caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine; these three common addictions, particularly the latter two, can be very devastating to health and life. In each program, I will discuss the physiology of the specific drug, its hazards and ill effects, and special ideas and actions to help you handle and clear these addictive habits. This information can guide you in your changes, which–along with the psychological and life support that you may also need in order to love yourself enough to change your habits to life in more positive, life-generating ways–will then help you be successful in whatever changes you attempt.

The last two programs may take some growth and evolution to embrace; however, many people, as I am often surprised, are more than ready for this optimistic health information on the art of fasting and concepts of immortal living. Juice fasting is a powerful, healing tool, one of the greatest! It is a vehicle to freedome from addiction of all kinds. It helps us open to our true guidance, growth, potentials, and life. Fasting opens us spiritually and emotionally, and supports us in becoming more real in our lives, in doing what we believe and know in our hearts and spirits. With that openness and clarity, we can then embrace some of the more spiritual philosophy discussed in Immortality and Beyond.

Specific Detoxification Programs

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Written by Elson M. Haas MD

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