Self Applied Massage of the Hands

The basic technique of self-applied massage for the hands is the same as for the feet. However, the hands are much easier because they are so easy to reach. Without sitting down or having to remove your shoes you can go right to work. You can do this any where at any time. You probably have seen the robes with large sleeves that the Chinese wear in pictures of ancient times. Often the person is shown with their hands held at about the level of the abdomen, tucked inside the sleeves. You have probably asked yourself, “Why do they do that: What are they doing with their hands?” Certainly not always, but sometimes they are doing hand massage. There are certain ancient theories in Chinese medicine that link areas of the hands to particular organs and functions. In one system associated with the ancient classic of philosophy, the I-Change, the palm of the hand depicted as a bowl with the aspects of nature around its interior.

In the self-applied massage of the hands the system is far from esoteric. Massage your hands all over with firm pressure. Notice areas of tenderness. Return to the tender areas and administer firm pressure for a few minutes. These tender areas are associated with organs and functions that are not operating at their most healthy levels. In a series of workshops on self-massage I have asked people to find the most tender area on their hand. Each person, in turn, described the area. I would, at this point, make an educated guess as to what body area or function they had their primary health problem with. In nearly 100% of the cases the tender area that the individual described led to an accurate “educated” guess of their primary health problem This has surprised even me!

  • Self-Applied Massage of the Hands

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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