Epilepsy:What else sets off seizures

The actual causes of seizures are still relatively unknown. The majority of patients with epilepsy can identify at least one precipitant that can trigger or exacerbate seizures (Epilepsia, 2000; 41: 1534-9). Although these precipitants vary with seizure type and syndrome, sleep deprivation and the daily circadian rhythm, including the sleep/wake cycle, are among the most common triggers for many patients. Other seizure precipitants include:

* Menstrual cycle
* Pregnancy
* Menopause
* Physical stress
* Emotional stress
* Alcohol
* Medications (cough medicines, antihistamines, antidepressants, antibiotics)
* Sensory stimuli (such as flashing lights)
* Metabolic disorders (such as nutritional deficiencies)

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