READERS’ CORNER:Eczema and psoriasis creams:

Plenty of suggestions for the person who wanted safe, natural creams to treat her 18-month-old son. One idea is to try Mercy Cream, supplied by Farouche. The cream, mentioned in several past E-news, contains African herbs, and definitely no steroids.

Alternatively, try Elnas Nature Collection of creams and oils, available from Dulwich Health (020 8670 5883), while another reader suggests that our questioner sees a health kinesiologist as the eczema may be linked to some allergy.

Nutritionally, try vitamin B9 and B12 and C, while a lack of vitamin A can aggravate psoriasis. One woman found her son started developing eczema after she stopped breastfeeding, suggesting a food allergy. Remove all refined foods, and especially white flour, white sugar, white rice and pasta, from the diet, and don’t have any citrus, including orange juice, no artificial additives, and no sweets, chocolate, pop, squash, cakes, crisps etc.

Another reader wonders if the cause may have been antibiotics, which may have caused Candida. Oxygen therapy, combined with an anti-Candida diet, did the trick.

Stellaria cream is another option, or try aloe propolis cream.

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