There’s no good evidence to blame fats for disease

I was sad to read re cold sores (WDDTY vol 15 no 4) that you advocate non-fat yoghurt and other dairy. Anyone who has seen the national CHD and food-intake statistics concludes there is powerful evidence against milk. The lack of evidence against butter and cheese suggests that milk sugar is implicated. People can take tablets of L-lysine for herpes simplex, or eat hard cheese, from which most of the milk sugar has been removed.

I am surprised that you accept blaming fat for disease. G. Taubes, in ‘The soft science of dietary fat’ (Science, 2001; vol 291), explains how a few members of Senator McGovern’s Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs made low-fat eating a dogma, despite the lack of evidence for it. – Margaret Moss, Nutrition and Allergy Clinic, Stockport

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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