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A Culture Built Upon Authentic Power

Gary Zukav is author of the “Dancing Wu Li Masters” which won the 1979 American Book Award In Science. A graduate of Harvard University, he has also authored the acclaimed, “The Seat of The Soul” which describes the evolutionary journey of humanity from external power to authentic power based upon the perceptions and values of the soul.

Russell DiCarlo interviews Gary Zukav about his view of disintegration of our social structures as a profoundly positive phenomenon; an evolutionary transition from a five sensory species to a species that is evolving through the alignment of the personality with the soul and not limited to the five senses.

DiCarlo: It seems that there are more than a few people today who, after observing the many breakdowns that are happening-in government, in education, in health care, in the family, in business-feel that a collapse of Western civilization is imminent. Surprisingly, you have a rather different assessment….

Zukav: Yes. In the larger, evolutionary context in which these changes are taking place, the disintegration of our social structures is a profoundly positive phenomenon. Without understanding the larger context, it is easy to mistake these breakdowns as pathologies.

The evolutionary transition that humanity is in now has no precedent. There is nothing in our past from which we can extrapolate our future. It is not only unprecedented-it is as significant as the genesis of the human species. This evolutionary transition is one from a five sensory species that is evolving through the exploration of physical reality with the five senses to a species that is evolving through the alignment of the personality with the soul and that is not limited to the five senses.

The before and after circumstances are very clear. In our before picture, humanity, for the most part, was limited to the five senses. I say “for the most part” because there have always been multi-sensory humans among us. They are those after whom our religions are named, but for the most part, humankind was limited in its perceptions to the five senses. As it evolved through the exploration of physical reality, the human species developed the ability to manipulate and control those things that the five senses can detect, those things which appear to be external.

In other words, our former evolutionary modality was the pursuit of external power-the ability to manipulate and control what appear to be external. Our present is much different. Humankind-all five and one-half billion of us-are beginning to move beyond the limitations of the five senses. Becoming multi-sensory means being able to obtain data that the five senses cannot provide.

DiCarlo: Sounds like your referring to intuition?

Zukav: Exactly. Five sensory humans are not much interested in intuition, but multi-sensory humans are very interested in it because intuition is central to the multi-sensory human. Intuition is the voice of the non-physical world. As we become multi-sensory, we become able to distinguish between personality and soul.

DiCarlo: What do you mean by personality?

Zukav: Personality is that part of an individual that was born into time, matures in time and dies in time.

DiCarlo: And the soul?

Zukav: The soul is that part of the individual that is immortal, that evolves in eternity.

DiCarlo: Recently, there has been much more emphasis on the reality and substance of the soul, and I am thinking of the work that is being done in transpersonal psychology and medicine. Why the sudden interest?

Zukav: Because we are becoming multi-sensory.

DiCarlo: Wouldn’t you say that in the past the soul has been taken for granted, “Well, yes we all have a soul,” or so our religions have told us, but it’s never been described in great detail, nor has the relationship between the soul and the physical self that we normally identify ourselves to be, been adequately explained. It has not been a real factor in one’s daily life.

Zukav: Yes, there are people in religious orders who take the soul quite seriously, but for the most part, we do not, and by “we” I mean most humans. We talk about the soul in Sunday school but we don’t give it much thought afterwards. We believe, no matter how much we talk about the soul in church, that consciousness and responsibility end with biological death. If we really believed that we were responsible after we leave the Earth for everything that we create while we are on the Earth, we would create very differently.

DiCarlo: Do you think there is a lot of conflict between what we want as personalities and what we want as souls?

Zukav: Yes. The degree of that conflict is the degree of pain that exists in your life. The match, or mismatch, between the wants of your personality and the needs of your soul also determines the degree of meaning, or lack of it, that you experience.

DiCarlo: Is it possible to align the interests of the personality and soul?

Zukav: Yes. That is now our evolutionary path. When a personality is authentically empowered, it’s interests are aligned with the interests of its soul. The personality usually wants an attractive mate, money, a comfortable place to live, a healthy body-but the Universe gives us what the soul needs, in every case, in every instance, at every moment. Understanding this will help you to find the meaning in your experience no matter how difficult it is.

There is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain is merely pain, but suffering is pain with meaning. There is a reason for your suffering that is worthy of your suffering. Because it has meaning, your suffering is acceptable and it is endurable.

DiCarlo: How might this alignment be accomplished?

Zukav: Aligning personality with soul is is done through responsible choice with the assistance and guidance of non-physical guides and Teachers. To a five sensory personality, talk about non-physical reality and non-physical guides and Teachers is, literally, non-sensical. Five sensory personalities are still living their lives solely based upon the data that they receive from the five senses.

More and more people are now leaving behind the limitations of the five senses. Eventually, within the span of several human generations, all of humankind will be multi-sensory. That is how significant our evolutionary transition is. It is the transition from a five-sensory humanity that is evolving through the pursuit of external power-exploration of physical reality through the five senses-to a multi-sensory humanity that is evolving through the pursuit of authentic power-the alignment of the personality with the soul through responsible choice with the assistance and guidance of non-physical guides and Teachers. This is transforming everything.

DiCarlo: What exactly do you mean by responsible choice?

Zukav: Responsible choice means making choices that create consequences for which you are willing to assume responsibility. Whenever you make a decision, and act upon that decision, you create consequences. The consequences that you create reflect the intention that you hold when you perform the action.

Responsible choice requires that you become aware of your intentions. That requires that you become aware of all of the different parts of yourself. Many of these parts operate outside your field of awareness. In turn, that means that you must become conscious of everything that you are feeling. This is difficult because there is so much pain and fear in our world, but all of this is necessary in order to become authentically empowered.

You create consequences no matter what you choose. If you do not choose consciously, you do not create consciously. It’s as simple as that. You create, but you create unconsciously. What you create unconsciously is what you have created in the past. If you do not choose to create consciously, you will continue to create the same painful experiences that you have created previously. You will continue to do that until, in this lifetime or another, you understand the origin of the pain that you are experiencing. Then you will change. The change will be thorough, complete, and permanent.

That could take a long time. It could take a lifetime. It could take more lifetimes than one. As we become multi-sensory, we enable accelerated spiritual growth. That is what consciousness provides-accelerated spiritual growth. You can look ahead at what you are going to produce if you create again in anger; if you create again in fear; if you create again in jealousy. You can decide that you want to create differently, and then set the intention to do that.

You have the ability, for example, to set the intention to create harmony-or at least not create further discord. You can choose to cooperate instead of to compete. You can choose to share instead of hoard. You can choose to revere Life instead of exploit Life. You can choose to be interested in and support the growth of others instead of exploiting others. All of these choices produce different consequences than the choices that you’ve been making in the past.

DiCarlo: So what do you mean when you use the word intention?

Zukav: Intention is the quality of consciousness that you bring to an action.

DiCarlo: You have commented that if you have a healthy personality, then you really don’t know where the personality ends and the soul begins….Would you view this process of becoming multi-sensory as representing an expansion of our being so that as we live our life as our soul, this becomes our primary identity?

Zukav: Yes! Yes!

DiCarlo: But the experience would not be one in which the person would feel as though he or she is submitting or surrendering to a higher outside authority?

Zukav: It’s becoming all that you are. There is no higher authority when it comes to your decisions. Only you can make them. As you become aligned with your soul, you become who you are. You fulfill yourself and those around you. You do not harm-it’s not a part of your consciousness. You are a torch that has been ignited. You are a beacon that shines. You have no fear. You care for Life. You care for those around you. You care for the Earth. You revere Life. You value it simply because it is.

DiCarlo: I find it remarkable that what you would characterize as an authentically empowered human being, others have referred to as “a soul infused human being.”

Zukav: How beautiful. ….But is it really remarkable? These truths belong to the Universe. As we become multi-sensory, we will understand them more fully. We are in the process of creating a world that is based upon these understandings. These other people didn’t make them up and I didn’t make them up, either. They come from the Universe.

DiCarlo: How might this transition from external power to authentic power affect, let’s say, our economic system?

Zukav: The transformation in the human species is changing all of its social structures, including economics. The economics in which current commercial activities are embedded is based on the assumption of scarcity and the orientation of exploitation. Economic theory assumes that it is natural for a significant portion of the human family to be in need, to be lacking the basic necessities of life, in addition to many things that are necessary for physical comfort.

This perception is contrary to the reality of the Universe in which we are living and growing. As we become multi-sensory, this becomes more and more evident. The Universe is compassionate and abundant. It is alive, wise and eternal. It provides what each soul needs at each moment.

To a five-sensory human all of that is nonsense. It doesn’t relate to the five senses. To a multi-sensory human, it is appearant. Whatever economics we develop in our future, it will reflect the perceptions of the soul. The soul understands that this is an abundant Universe-the grass grows again every spring. We are always given opportunities to grow and to learn. If we don’t make use of them, we are given others. Ask yourself, for example, how many times you have been given the opportunity to love and to be loved, and how many times you have squandered those opportunities. They will come again. That is the nature of the compassionate Universe of which we are a part.

There is no scarcity in this new perception, so whatever economics we will develop, it will be based upon the assumption of abundance.

Our current economics is oriented to exploit, to obtain the maximum and give the minimum. This is how investments are made. An investor is someone who invests as little as possible and hopes to obtain as much as possible.

The soul strives to give. It has special gifts, and in giving them an individual finds meaning. If you have no meaning in your life, if you do not know why you are alive, you are not on the path that your soul wants to walk. As you begin to move in the direction that your soul wants you to move, you begin to get a sense of meaning. When your life is alive with meaning, when you are excited every day about what you are doing, when you want to get up, when you want to be with people, when you have no fear, when you have forgotten to worry, when you are fully engaged with your life, you are moving in alignment with your soul. That is authentic power.

Souls have agreements with the Universe. We incarnate with sacred contracts. As we develop authentic power, we develop the ability to fulfill them-to give our gifts. Each of these ways of speaking is a different way of saying the same thing: we are now evolving through the pursuit of authentic power, the alignment of the personality with the soul- which means living meaningful, engaged, responsible, joyful lives. I am not speaking of work-a-holism. Beneath work-a-holism is fear, deep insecurity. Every attempt to build an empire is a reaching outward to fill a sense of powerlessness inside. That is our former evolutionary modality. Our new evolutionary modality is to become inwardly whole and healthy and secure.

The old economics which is based upon the assumption of scarcity and the orientation of exploitation will be replaced with a new economics that is based upon abundance and oriented toward contribution. This new economics is so different from our current economics that it is evident that we are in for a big change. That change is underway.

DiCarlo: As we shift from a five sensory species to a multi-sensory species, and as we recognize ourselves to be immortal souls first and physical beings secondly, and also as power shifts from being external to being authentic and inwardly derived, what effect will that have in business?

Zukav: The soul is that part of an individual which strives for harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life. As individuals begin the process of aligning their personalities with their souls they move towards these values. So every aspect of business…

DiCarlo: Well, let’s take the example of leadership. How might leadership change as a result of the changing perceptions and values you’ve mentioned?

Zukav: Leadership today is based upon the perception of power as external. A leader has more external power-more ability to manipulate and control-than others. A business leader can say, “Do this” and you must do it. If you don’t, you’ll lose your job, or your life will become miserable-or at least unpleasant. Maybe you’ll lose a promotion, or a stock option.

Leaders assume responsibility, and for this they are given the authority to direct the activities of others. When I went through infantry officer candidate school, I wore a patch on my shoulder that had a sword over the words, “Follow Me.” That concept of leadership is not what individuals who are growing in authentic power gravitate toward or desire.

Leadership is a state of mind. If you have a need to build an empire or to dominate a market, you are driven by fear. But if you have an inspiration that excites you and fulfills you, one in which there is no fear, then you will move into your activities with joy, and you will attract other people who are similarly oriented.

As you step forward, others of like interest will constellate around you. You will be the pole star that magnetizes their interests. They will align the parts of themselves that are interested in the same thing with you. Then, as a leader, you will support, coordinate, and nurture them. The people with whom you are working will be more important to you than the activity that has brought you together. Your activity is the means by which you have attracted one another.

This means that, as a leader, you will spend a lot of your time interacting, heart to heart, with fellow souls. In business now, all of this is excluded by intention. If too much concern is given to an individual, someone within the organization who is impatient for results-usually a leader-will say, “Let’s get to the bottom line.” “This doesn’t really have to do with why we’re together.” As you become authentically empowered, you become interested in Life. That means other people. So business will no longer be the arena in which primarily you strive to accumulate profit at any emotional cost. And, as we can see by looking at our global ecology, at great physical cost, too. It will become an arena in which you interact consciously with fellow souls for the purpose of mutual spiritual growth.

DiCarlo: How might decision-making change in business?

Zukav: Decision making today is primarily an intellectual function. We use logics and understandings that originate in the mind. These logics and understandings are linear and exclusionary. That is, you cannot think of one thing without excluding others. You cannot understand something one way and understand it in other ways simultaneously. We are now developing a higher order of logic and understanding that originates in the heart. The heart is inclusive. It accepts. The intellect judges. The higher order of logic and understanding that originates in the heart comprehends non-linear realities and simultaneous realms of truth.

All of this effects decision-making in all aspects of life, including business. It means that intuitive processes will replace intellectual processes as the main decision-making faculty in business, as in all other human activities.

DiCarlo: What will happen to the intellect?

Zukav: The intellect will not be discarded. A business executive may have a hunch about which area of activity to move into. Once she decides that, she can use her intellect. For example, she may have a hunch to produce a certain product, and then use market analyses to confirm that there is a receptivity for the product, and then use statistical quality control to produce it well. But the mind will no longer be the boss, the “leader” in the old sense. Decision-making will be intuitive. The logic and understanding utilized will be the higher order of logic and understanding of the heart.

Collective decisions will be made by consensus. This is inconceivable to the business community now. We cannot imagine an efficient organization that’s run by consensus. That is because there is so much dissension and pain-which are the same things-in business today. So the ability to make decisions by consensus will require that an organization’s environment be transformed into one of safety for all involved.

DiCarlo: Would all decisions be made collectively, or would there be some decisions that would be deferred to particular individuals within the organization, who have been given proper authority.

Zukav: Whether that happens or not would be a consensual decision. Every time someone writes a letter it does not have to be approved by other people. If you trust your colleagues, and you know in your heart that their intentions are to contribute to your good and to the good of the whole, then it will be easy for you to say, “Do what you know needs to be done.” Later, if it doesn’t work out, the appropriate part of the community can come together to understand what went wrong, or why it didn’t feel good to everyone involved. This is quite different from a manager executing external power because he has seniority, or political skills that have elevated him or her in the hierarchy of external power. In that case, there is no trust in either direction. There is simply the necessity to do what must be done in order to survive physically-to keep your job.

Imagine a work environment in which you like the people that you are working with. You are interested in who they are. You are interested in their children. You are interested in their spiritual partnerships. You like being with them. You like growing with them. It’s not always easy but you know that the friction between you is what allows you to grow, and to recognize patterns of behavior within yourself that need to be released in order for you to grow spiritually, to become more whole.

In that context, imagine what a delight it is to work with and to accomplish projects with your colleagues. That is our future.

DiCarlo: Are there any other implications we need to discuss-we’ve touched upon economics and business-that would be relevant to our discussion, regarding the consequences of moving from being a five sensory human to a multi-sensory human? For example, the judicial system, government, medicine, environment and personal relationships.

Zukav: All of them are changing dramatically. The changes that are now underway in the business world, and the changes that are underway in health, education, the military, science, art, law and every other human endeavor are parts of the same change. The changes that are underway inside millions of individuals now are also the same change. There is one change occurring, and all of these are different expression of that change.

Changes in the way that you relate to your brothers and sisters, your spiritual partner, yourself as a male and to other males, or yourself as a female and to other females, are all parts of the same change.

DiCarlo: In talking with a number of individuals whom I’ve interviewed, there has been quite a variance in opinion as to when this shift from a five sensory species to a multi-sensory species might take place. Ken Wilber for example says he doesn’t feel these changes will effect most people for another couple hundred years. Peter Russell on the other hand suggests that these changes are immanent.

Zukav: They are immanent from an evolutionary point of view. A hundred years is less than an eye-blink in terms of our evolution, but I think that they will happen faster than that. Look inside yourself, and you will see how fast change is occurring. Now try to understand what humans three generations from now will be like if this change continues or accelerates. Also, the change that is now occurring is non-linear. As you open to your heart, you open to multiple realities in which nonlinear change is occurring.

DiCarlo: If someone were to come to you and say, “Why should I choose to develop into a multi-sensory human being?” what would you tell them?

Zukav: You are in the process of becoming multi-sensory, as are all humans. Humanity is becoming multi-sensory.

This transition is not yet complete, but within several generations, the human species will be very different than it is today. One of those differences will be that every human will be multi-sensory.

Being multi-sensory and being authentically empowered are not the same. To become authentically empowered requires that you align your personality with your soul. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where intention and courage are often required. To align your personality with your soul means that you consciously strive for harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life. This can be difficult.

So to someone who says, “Why should I become a multi-sensory and authentically empowered human being?” I would say, “Humanity is becoming multi-sensory. It is not a matter of choice.” To the question of why you should become authentically empowered, I would say, “To heal the pain in your life.” This is not something that you have to do. You have free will. But you are a creative being and if you don’t, you will continue to create unconsciously, and to experience the pain that you are experiencing now.

DiCarlo: How would you characterize the experience of authentic power?

Zukav: Joyful. Complete. Engaged. Fulfilling. The first time I experienced this was writing The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics. I had never been interested in physics before, and I was not interested in it when I got invited to a weekly meeting at the Lawrence-Berkley Laboratory in Berkley, California, by a physicist friend of mine. I went because I wanted to see what scientists looked like.

I got so excited by what I heard there that I could scarcely contain myself, but I didn’t understand what I heard so I returned the next week and the next. I started to read about physics, then I decided to share these things that were exciting me so much in the form of a book.

I asked some physicists if they would help me. They agreed, and I began to write. I was delighted in this activity. I was stimulated and fulfilled by it. At that time, I didn’t have an income, so when I wasn’t writing I was worrying about the rent. When I was writing, I entered a new domain of experience that I had not encountered before. I was gratified, fulfilled, and excited about what I was doing. It was fun.

DiCarlo: Did you find that your study of quantum mechanics has helped you to further understand a multi-dimensional Universe. Ken Wilber, in speaking about a quantum reality, says that quantum physics cannot tell us anything about the higher dimensions-you cannot extrapolate from the lower to the higher at all. Is there anything of value in quantum physics that helps when it comes to trying to intellectually grasp these higher realities?

Zukav: Yes, but they can’t be grasped intellectually. That is why science has gone as far as it can go as it is currently structured. It is an empirical endeavor, which means that all that can be accepted as valid by science is that which can be consensually verified with the five senses. This has been the strength of science since its origin, but that is what now blocks its growth. Quantum physics is the pinnacle development of science. It leads us to the intellectual realization that consciousness is an aspect of physical reality, that the two can’t be separated.

There are five major interpretations-and others that are not so prominent-of the quantum formalism. Some, such as the statistical interpretation, deny that consciousness is involved in subatomic phenomena. Some, like Wigner’s interpretation, are based on the opposite point of view. Others fall between these two, or maybe they just fall elsewhere. But the point is, no one can discuss the quantum formalism without addressing the relationship of consciousness, or the lack of it, to the fundamental structures of quantum physics, namely, complimentary and the uncertainty principle.

The answer to your question is, “My study of quantum physics didn’t directly lead to anything in The Seat of The Soul, but it was stimulating and it was fun. It was an exciting adventure to the limits of the intellect. Those limits, in my view, are represented by the quantum theory.

DiCarlo: Did something happen to you between The Dancing Wu Li Masters and The Seat of the Soul which allowed you to write so profoundly about higher realities of which we are a part?

Zukav: Yes, I discovered non-physical reality.

DiCarlo: Was that the result of any intentional endeavor on your part?

Zukav: I didn’t know at the time that there was such a thing as non-physical reality. But intentions of the soul operate at very deep places within us. You do your part by setting intentions consciously, to the best of your ability. That brings you into alignment with your soul, with your deepest sense of meaning, but not necessarily into alignment with what your rabbi, priest or President tells you.

DiCarlo: You have stated, “I am not a speculator. I know that we are immortal, and that we are wearing what our Native American brothers and sisters call an ‘Earth suit.’ ” What has allowed you to possess such a strong conviction that we are more than our physical bodies?

Zukav: There’s a difference between conviction and experience. Conviction is something that you need to have if you don’t have experience. Having conviction can create an experience which will then let you know if your conviction is correct or not. I do not have a conviction that non-physical reality exists and that we are part of non-physical reality. I do not have a conviction that we are immortal souls and that we are part of a living Universe of physical and non-physical beings. I do not have to be convinced of these things anymore than you have to be convinced that oak leaves are green in the summer. Do you see? If you were blind, if you had no physical eyesight, and enough people told you that in the summer oak leaves are green, you would develop the conviction that this is so. But if you see it for yourself, you do not have to be convinced.

DiCarlo: So you are speaking about your own personal experiences?

Zukav: Yes.

DiCarlo: Well could you elaborate upon what that experience has been like for you?

Zukav: I have these experiences because humanity is becoming multi-sensory and I am part of humanity. But the deeper answer is that these experiences and everything else come by grace. Life is a miracle at each moment. It is miraculous and I have no explanation for that.

DiCarlo: Frequently, you hear people remark that if we lived in a just world, then we wouldn’t have illness, we wouldn’t have atrocities against our fellow human beings. We wouldn’t have war. How do you view these things from a multi-sensory perspective?

Zukav: The underlying question is, “Why is there pain in the world?” There is pain in the world because we create it. We have not yet learned to create otherwise; that is what we are learning. There is pain in the world in our relationships with each other, and these, by the way, are the vehicles through which we grow. There is no other way to grow except through your relationships to others. You cannot grow only through a relationship to a business or a career. Your growth depends upon your ability to interact with your fellow souls. You will not grow until you have the courage to enter into relationships with them.

This question is important because there is so much pain in the world. This has been our history until now. Human history has been the sequential recording of one brutality after another. You will know in yourself that you are striving for authentic empowerment when a part of you decides that it will not participate any longer in this brutality, that your life will contribute something else to the human experience, and you find a way to do that in your day-to-day interactions. These will cumulatively form the course of your life.

DiCarlo: Do you feel that we as souls have made the decision to come to this Earth plane intentionally?

Zukav: Yes.

DiCarlo: Well, why might we choose to experience a physical reality limited by our five senses?

Zukav: There are two reasons. First, we choose as souls to experience what we have created in the past but have not yet experienced. Whenever you act in the Earth school you create consequences that effect others. You will also experience these consequences, in this lifetime or another.

In the East this is called karma. In the West this is called the Golden Rule. This is a compassionate dynamic through which each soul learns, in the intimacy of its own experience and therefore learns how to create wisely. If you create something in the life of another person, and do not experience that yourself by the time you return home-leave the Earth school and return to the fullness of your soul-your soul will create another personality with another body and another intuitional structure and it will voluntarily enter the Earth school again in order to experience what it has created but has not yet experienced. This is not a punishment-there is no such thing. It happens because the soul, in its full wisdom, strives for ever-increasing wholeness and perfection.

An incarnation is planned with the loving assistance of non-physical Teachers. Arrangements are made with other souls to create interactions within the Earth school. The outcome of those interactions is not known in advance because the soul does not know how its personality will respond to the opportunities that it has arranged for it.

That is where your free will comes into play. When you encounter difficult circumstances in this Earth school, you have the option to take things personally, to become angry and blame others. You also have the option to understand that every one of your interactions in the Earth school is meaningful, offers you potential for spiritual growth, and there is a karmic factor at work in all that you encounter.

Therefore, when someone offends you, or does something that you do not agree with, you do not have to react with anger, judgement and vengeance. You can take a step back and understand that there is a lesson in this for you. This does not mean that you become a doormat to the world. It means that you choose your responses consciously and responsibly create what you desire to experience in your future.

The second reason that souls incarnate is to give gifts. When you are doing what your soul wants you to do, when you are giving your soul’s gifts-your life fills with meaning, excitement and satisfaction.

So the two reasons that souls incarnate is to experience what they desire to experience within the Earth school and to give their gifts- to fulfill their sacred contracts with the Universe.

As we become multi-sensory we begin to understand this. We begin to appreciate how extraordinary the Earth school is and what a privilege it is to be in it. When you see this, you will walk the Earth with awe and gratitude.

Excerpted from the book Towards A New World View: Conversations At The Leading Edge with Russell E. DiCarlo. The 377-page book features new and inspiring interviews with 27 paradigm pioneers in the fields of medicine, psychology, economics, business, religion, science, education and human potential. Featuring: Willis Harman, Matthew Fox, Joan Boysenko, George Leonard, Gary Zukav, Robert Monroe, Hazel Henderson, Fred Alan Wolf, Peter Senge, Jacquelyn Small, Elmer Green, Larry Dossey, Carolyn Myss, Stan Grof, Rich Tarnas, Marilyn Ferguson, Marsha Sinetar, Dr. Raymond Moody, Stephen Covey and Peter Russell.

Russell E. DiCarlo is a medical writer, author, lecturer and workshop leader who’s focus is on personal transformation, consciousness research and the fields of energy and anti-aging medicine. His forthcoming book is entitled “The Definitive Guide To Anti-Aging Medicine” (1998, Future Medicine Publishing). DiCarlo resides in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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