Every Seventh Breath Full and Relaxed

This method is similar to the previous method. However, this technique brings the consciousness of the breath and the benefits of breath practice to as much of one’s daily activities as possible. Rather than the concentrated but brief effects of doing breathing exercises for a specific period of time this method spreads the benefits of breath practice, pervasively, throughout the day. Take a deep, full, relaxed breath. As you exhale allow yourself to deeply relax. Then breath as usual. As you exhale allow yourself to deeply relax. Then breath as usual. After seven regular breaths, initiate another deep and full breath.

The rhythm, every seventh or every twentieth breath, is best set at each individual’s favorite number (seven happens to be mine). The point is not so much to count breaths as it is to become conscious of the breath and to initiate repeated deep breaths throughout the day. It could as easily be 10 or 12 full breaths per hour or a deep breath every 5 minutes. The primary feature of this particular technique is to spread the dramatic value of deep breathing throughout the whole day.

For example, a number or patients (health seekers) who have digital watches have set their alarms to remind them to take this breath. Another technique is to place colored sticker dots (available at office supply stores) to phones, mirrors, doors, etc. as constant reminders . Not only does the successful practice of this method give excellent physiological results but it also enhances consciousness or awareness.

It is very evident in the clinic that those people who become conscious enough to allow new health practices into their lives often have results that would be defined as dramatic by medical science. Note that the application suggestions for this breath technique tie it to awareness and consciousness. This is a truly extraordinary practice. When you master it authentically, you will literally be a new person. There is nothing but our inability to remember and our compulsive addiction to complexity and business that would keep one who is in need of healing from doing this practice constantly throughout the day. This method is truly the profound within the simple.

Application Suggestions:

  • Health maintenance: As often as you like or your consciousness will allow.

  • Health enhancement: As often as you like or your consciousness will allow.

  • Disease intervention: This breath practice is a powerful healer. Turn your attention to this practice and you will experience immediate benefit.

  • Getting started: Create a plan for remaining conscious of the benefits of this practice and staying consistent in application. 2 to 3 repetitions, once or twice per day.

Other columns provide specific instructions for the following breathing practices:
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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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