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Meeting Your Inner Guide

All of us have all the wisdom and knowledge we ever need right within us. It is available to us through the intuitive mind, which is our connection with the Universal Intelligence. However, we often find it difficult to connect with our higher wisdom. One of the best ways to do so is by meeting and getting to know our inner guide.

The inner guide is known by many different names, such as your counselor, spirit guide, imaginary friend, or master. It is a higher part of yourself, which can come to you in many different forms, but usually comes in the form of a person or being whom you can talk to and relate to as a wise and loving friend.

Here is an exercise to help you meet your spirit guide. If you wish, you can have a friend read this to you while you do the meditation. Otherwise, read through it first,

Close your eyes and relax deeply. Go to your inner sanctuary and spend a few minutes there, relaxing, getting oriented. Now imagine that within your sanctuary you are standing on a path that stretches off into the distance. You start to walk up the path, and as you do, you see in the distance a form coming toward you, radiating a clear, bright light.

As this form approaches, you begin to see whether the form is a man or a woman-or perhaps an animal. If it’s a person, how old are they? And how are they dressed? The closer the form gets, the more details you can see of the face and appearance.

Greet this being, and ask what his or her name is. Take whatever name comes to you first, and don’t worry about it.

Now show your guide around your sanctuary and explore it together. Your guide may point out some things that you’ve never seen there before, or you may enjoy just being in each other’s presence.

Ask your guide if there is anything he or she would like to say to you, or any advice he or she would like to give you at the moment. If you wish, you can ask some specific questions. You may get immediate answers but, if not, don’t be discouraged-the answers will come to you in some form later.

When the experience of being together feels complete for now, thank your guide and express your appreciation, and ask him or her to come to meet you in your sanctuary again.

Open your eyes and return to the outside world.

People have many different types of experiences when meeting their guides, so it is difficult to generalize. Basically if you feel good about your experience, then it’s fine. If not, be creative and do whatever you need to do to change it.

Don’t worry if you did not perceive your guide clearly and precisely. Sometimes they remain in the form of a glow of light, or a blurry, indistinct figure. The important thing is that you sense your guide’s power, presence, and love.

If your guide should come to you in the form of someone you know, that is fine, unless you don’t feel particularly good about it. In that case, repeat the exercise and request that your guide come to you in a form that is easy and pleasant for you to relate to.

If the figure you encounter in your meditation seems judgmental, harsh, or unloving, you may have contacted your inner critic or some other energy. Politely thank them for their input, let them go, and ask for a loving, supportive, encouraging guide to come.

Don’t be surprised if your guide seems eccentric or unusual in some way … the form in which they show themselves to us springs from our own creative mind, which is limitless. For example, your guide may have a very unusual and surprising sense of humor, or an exotic name and a flair for the dramatic. Sometimes they don’t communicate in words at all, but in a direct transmission of feeling impressions or intuitive knowledge.

Also your guide may change form and even name from time to time. Or you may have the same one for years. You may have more than one guide at the same time.

Your guide is there for you to call on anytime you need or want extra clarity, wisdom, knowledge, support, creative inspiration, love, or companionship. Many people who have established relationships with their guides meet them every day in their meditation.

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Written by Shakti Gawain

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