Health resolutions:Tell tale signs of protein or carbo overload

The cells in your body are like little woodfires. If they burn too fast (too much carbohydrate for your type), it’s only a quick burst that soon peters out. If they burn too slowly (too much fat and protein), it’s a weak flame producing very little heat. Here are the likely responses with:

Too much carbohydrate for your metabolic type
* Short-term responses
Headache, anxiety, feel unsatisfied Jumpy mind, ADHD-like behaviour
Get hungry quickly (low blood sugar) Tired but wired, jittery
Crave fat, protein or sweets Nervous energy – highs and lows

* Long-term responses
Exaggerated stress response Neck-shoulder pain
Depression Lower-back pain
Pimples Poor sleep
Constipation Autonomic dysregulation
Toxicity Adrenal stress
Insulin resistance and diabetes Immune suppression

Too much protein and fat for your metabolic type

* Short-term responses
Lethargy, sleepiness Feel full, but hungry
Dull or depressed mood May crave sweets
Mentally sluggish or slow May crave coffee or tea
Heavy gut

* Long-term responses
Autonomic dysfunction Abnormal blood pressure
Depression, obesity Adrenal fatigue
Toxicity, foul body odour Neck-shoulder pain
Low energy, crave sweets Headache
Poor response to exercise, Hormonal dysregulation
especially aerobic Lower-back pain
Rapid ageing General ill health

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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