Self Applied Massage of the Feet

The toes and ball of the foot are reflex to the upper part of the body. The central area of the arch is reflex to the torso. The heal is related to the parts of the body below the waist. While it is interesting to know what each aspect of the foot is reflex to, it is not important to the outcome of the therapy. Please do not sabotage the whole body benefits that you can receive from the application of massage to your to your feet by needing to know what each sore area represents. Find the sore points and work on them, keep it simple.

First do pressure massage over the entire foot. Usually the bottom of the foot is the primary focus; however, the top of the foot and the ankle area are rich with reflexes as well. As you are massaging the whole foot note areas of particular tenderness. Come back and work specifically on the tender areas. These are the reflexes that need it the most. Stimulating them and working out the soreness will help the organs, glands and tissues that are associated through the reflex mechanism to function in a more way.

Generally the pressure is applied by the thumbs. It will take a while to build up your thumbs. Alternate the techniques for pressure application by using bunched, extended fingers, the knuckles, the heel of the hand or a gripping motion where the whole hand provides the force for pressing inward with the four fingers. Start with light pressure and work up to substantial pressure. Imagine the pressure necessary to impress a new tennis ball or the force necessary to pick up a brick between your thumb and index finger. These are images to give you guidance on the amount of pressure necessary. If it hurts, back off. Notice that over a few days generally the amount of soreness will change.

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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